Management of tradings and investments

Release: Current release is 0.0.1a as of 24/07/2004

Trade! is an account transaction management system to manage transactions, clients/investors and their accounts in a trading business.

A client/investor participates in your trading by providing resources (money) to get a return (profit/interest). This can be a one time deal or a couple of frequent deals. Every client/investor has one or more accounts to hold his payments (allocations), withdrawals and profits. He can partially or fully retain his profits or get a regular payment. An account describes the conditions of the participation, i.e it defines the point in time, the amount of the client's profit and the agents who get a commission on profit payment.

What you can do with Trade!

  • Record transactions of several types arising from your trading business and assign it to client accounts.
  • Manage your client database with all trading conditions for client acounts and assigned agents.
  • Automatically distribute the client profit depending his account conditions.
  • Sent account statements to your customers by encrypted email or paper. Trade! uses GnuPG to encrypt email attachments.
  • Simulate your business to detect cash flow shortfalls in future deals.
  • Analyse your transactions by standard reports or customised reports.

Objects in Trade!

Trade! can be used to serve several independent mandators. For every mandator Trade! maintains “objects”:

  • Transactions
  • Clients
  • Accounts
  • Agents and
  • Configuration data Logo

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